Contracting Solutions

Contracting Solutions

Having a flexible workforce with the right skills ready when you need them, is where contractors can really add value.

For holiday cover, project work, or any hard-to-fill position, contractors can step in and get your business moving.

Contractors are not part of your permanent workforce. They aren’t your employees, they’re one-person businesses that work for your business for a short period of time; a couple of weeks or a few months to help your small business to grow.

You don’t always have to hire a permanent employee for every role! If your small business needs someone with specific skills for a short-term project, it makes sense to hire a contractor instead.

Gain access to industry-leading time-sheeting and payroll solutions – ensuring your contractors are paid on time and invoices are sent as per your specific business needs.

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Developer Programmer


Software Engineer


Project Manager


Software Tester


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