Our Process

Permanent Recruitment Process:

6 Steps to a successful hire

Identify the Hiring Need

First things first, we come out to see you, sit down with you to discuss the hiring need and devise a Recruitment Plan.  This is where you can let us know all the ins and outs of the role, the salary range, what works for your business and what doesn’t. 

Write a job description & Advertise the Position

After identifying the need and understanding the job description, we craft an advert to be posted on all the major job boards. 

Recruit the Position

Our recruiters reach out to their networks and databases to talent match and approach potential candidates.  They complete Initial Screening of all the applications that come from their searches and job boards, with the success candidates being Phone Interviewed and shortlisted


Once the shortlist is complete, we liaise with you and the candidates to schedule onsite or video interviews.  The final candidates will be asked to complete Applicant Assessments and our team will conduct Pre Employment checks which include Ministry of Justice and Credit Check.

Decision & Reference Check

With all the information, you make your decision on the candidate you would like to make an offer to. We complete the final reference checks and provide you with a full report.

Job offer & Hiring

We make the offer on behalf of your business to the successful candidate and go through the onboarding process.  We take care of all the little bits of information and send them to you with a signed contract.

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