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Contract for Non Emergency Medical Transportation

By April 24, 2022No Comments2 min read

If you are in need of transportation to and from medical appointments, you may want to consider signing a contract with a non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) company. A contract can ensure that you receive reliable and timely transportation services, as well as help protect your rights as a consumer.

Before signing a contract, it is important to understand what services are included and what your responsibilities are as the client. Here are some important details to consider:


NEMT services can include transportation to and from medical appointments, medication pick-up, and mobility assistance. Make sure the contract clearly outlines the services you will receive and any limitations or restrictions.


The contract should clearly state the pricing structure and any additional fees that may apply, such as wait time or cancellations. Make sure you understand how pricing is determined and how often you will be billed.

Cancellation Policy

The contract should include a cancellation policy, outlining any penalties or fees you may incur if you cancel or reschedule a ride.

Insurance and Liability

It is important to ensure that the NEMT company has proper insurance and liability coverage in case of accidents or incidents during transportation. The contract should clearly state the company`s insurance and liability policies.

Client Responsibilities

As the client, you have certain responsibilities, such as providing accurate and up-to-date information about your medical needs and scheduling appointments in advance. The contract should outline your responsibilities and any consequences for failure to comply.

By signing a contract with a reputable NEMT company, you can ensure that you receive safe and reliable transportation to and from medical appointments. It is important to read and understand the contract carefully before signing, and to ask any questions you may have to ensure that you fully understand the terms and conditions.


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